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Venetian blinds


Venetian blinds are curtains made from strips of different sizes.

ALUIT proposals in the catalogue are:

  • Venetian blinds with 15 mm strips
  • Venetian blinds with 25 mm strips
  • Venetian blinds with 50 mm strips

Strips that make up the Venetian blinds can be swivelled to measure and adjust the passage of sunlight. ALUIT Venetian blinds for interiors and exteriors rise and lower comfortably and easily thanks to a rope mechanism.

Wooden or aluminium blinds that provide perfect protection from the sun and ensure greater privacy in any environment.

Venetian blinds are also a piece of furniture if carefully chosen and when appropriately matched to furniture and wall colours.

Available in different shades and colours, ALUIT Venetian blinds can be easily installed and are an optimal solution both aesthetically and functionally on balconies and terraces, in the garden or in the veranda as well as any internal space of your home or office.