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Railings and gratings


Passive safeguard is the most simple and effective way to prevent ill-intentioned access to your home.

Security is a primary need.

This is why it is important to rely on a company capable of providing the best answers to every need.

The installation of gratings is intended to improve the quality of life of our customers through the safety of their loved ones and their property, without oppression.

According to Home Office surveys, in 73% of cases in urban areas, the method preferred by thieves is to force French doors or entrance doors.

In 27% of cases windows are forced. While in isolated homes the trend reverses and windows are preferred to doors to break in.

With the change of modern society, incidents of theft in homes have become a reality for which we can hardly remedy if not with correct adaptation by means of protective methods that create a real “shield” both night and day! Shutters and safety grids are therefore, besides the best anti-intrusion method, also the best prevention system, acting as a deterrent and inducing the criminal to choose unprotected homes.

With more than 50 designs in the catalogue, or achievable by project, you will easily find all design needs, fitting perfectly in any living environment. In addition, gratings are manufactured in compliance with regulations, thus allowing you to insure your valuables at 100%, if taking out a policy.



The main feature of the grating is undoubtedly the special patented joint in galvanised steel with 14 mm closing cap and 9 closure points for maximum effectiveness against burglary.

The grating has a structure with frame and a 40x30x2 mm thick door in galvanised steel. The special slide hinges are made of galvanised steel with concealed fixing, the conformation of the same determines an overall size of the grating of just 35 mm allowing application even in the presence of single blocks, thus avoiding modifications to existing fixtures.

Wall mounting of the frame is guaranteed using plugs and does not require any masonry. Ornamental modules are made from galvanised steel bars with 16 mm round section or 14 mm square section.

The galvanised steel Lock controls 3 solid steel closing caps: lower, upper and middle one. The caps, in 16 mm diameter galvanised solid steel, can have a 25 mm or 30 mm stroke with handle.

Caps are rotating/cut proof. In the version with two or more doors that open, small lever poles that operate 2 closing points are installed in secondary doors: an upper and a lower one. Standard Drill-proof security cylinders are equipped with construction key and 3 owner keys plus an owner’s card carefully preserved in a sealed envelope.

The introduction of one of the owner keys automatically cancels the operation of the construction key. The gratings are all made of galvanised steel; painting is performed with powder coatings oven dried at 190° for outdoors. Maintenance, in our case, is not required.

Even in case of small grazes or scratches, simply touching up but without ever repainting will be enough. Colours are available in 20 standard colours or through a sample request.