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I, the undersigned Giner Gomariz Ricardo, AD of the company Aluit S.r.l., express the following corporate quality policy.

Our quality goal is the full achievement of customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of other stakeholders (employees, suppliers, community). This is pursued with entrepreneurial will, made achievable by the willingness to make available the necessary resources to achieve this goal.

In particular, the company practices and will practice with systematic conviction:

  • Involvement of all collaborators in the continuous improvement of products and services.
  • Provision of training and informational tools necessary or appropriate for the improvement of provided services.
  • Verification of the extent of satisfaction of the needs, requests, and expectations of customers and other stakeholders.
  • Compliance with legal and environmental regulations.

The Quality Manual interprets and operationally translates the corporate quality policy. The implementation of the quality policy is delegated to the Management Representative.

We delegate the role of Management Representative (MR) for the management of the quality policy to R.Q.

Giner Gomariz Ricardo

AD Aluit S.r.l.