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ALUIT windows are produced internally, as a guarantee of higher quality windows and doors that besides being beautiful to look at, ensure:

  • thermal insulation
  • energy saving

Style and comfort in everyday life. These are just two of the features that ALUIT takes into account to provide windows and doors increasingly meeting market needs. The selection of doors and windows manufactured and marketed by ALUIT includes:


ALUIT manufactures and markets doors, windows and French windows on the basis of innovative technologies and the use of state-of-the-art materials.

Everything with an eye always attentive to design and economy. In every season ALUIT doors and windows protect from sudden temperature changes in every season thanks to their extraordinary insulating capacity, keeping dust, humidity and especially noise away in addition to ensuring subsequent major energy savings.

Installing quality windows and doors offers healthier, soundproof, secure and pleasant to live living or working environments.

Aesthetics is in fact an important factor in everyday life: windows and doors must not only be made well and with excellent materials, but must also be beautiful.

And ALUIT doors and windows in PVC, in aluminium, in aluminium and wood, in wood only or in wood and aluminium are available in a wide range of colours and with three different wing profile solutions that meet all design and taste needs.

The 7 cm optimal profile of ALUIT doors and windows, consisting of 5 chambers, offers an insulation barrier between the outside temperature and the interiors with an excellent thermal transmittance value.

Advantages of doors and windows manufactured and marketed by ALUIT:

  • Security against break-ins
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Surfaces: quality, smooth, compact and easy to maintain
  • Technique: with 5 chambers – coordinating with the shutter system

The following selection of shutters is also part of the ALUIT doors and windows range:

  • aluminium shutters
  •  wooden shutters
  • PVC shutterss

Among other superior quality factors of ALUIT doors and windows:

  • ribbon fittings with drop-leaf door mounted as standard on windows and French windows
  • micro ventilation system through intermediate position of the handle between drop-leaf door opening and cantilevered opening
  • greater safety thanks to the multiple locking points and iron profiles inserted inside the PVC to avoid further possible distortions
  • low-emission glass chamber with argon gas (k01.1) on windows and the upper part of French windows with cross-connection
  • low emission stratified double glazing safety (k = 1.1) with argon gas on the bottom of French windows or on French windows without cross-connection



PVC is a polymer of vinyl chloride, and it is one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Its versatility of use is due to the fact that although pure hard, it can be mixed with plasticisers that make it mouldable and flexible. Among the elements that make up the structure of a building, windows and doors play a very important role, in fact, they have the responsibility of protecting and preserving internal housing comfort, as well as other elements forming walls and roof, allowing a view and openness to the outside. Windows have an important aesthetic role for both interiors and the overall design of the facade. PVC is perfect for energy saving and environmental protection, the thermal insulation performance of the profile and the use of a low emission glass with its sound absorbing properties allow reducing heat loss by 40%.



Aluminium is increasingly used in the construction of fixtures and blinds, windows and doors and other building structures; aluminium and its alloys possess special physical characteristics, sometimes unique for their great versatility, both in shape and colours; from the ease of machining, durability and lightness. Energy savings and finally, as mentioned above, lightness, aluminium is a light metal, silvery or coloured material, durable to wear and unalterable to the atmosphere, that does not require periodical maintenance. Available in all RAL colours.

Minimal aluminium doors and windows


The UNA series for swing doors with door profile concealed by the jamb, combines the need for a performance level at the highest level allowing the industrialised creation of windows and doors with an extremely clear-cut and minimalist line.
The jamb profiles are 68 mm deep and with a front frame of only 73 mm, while the doors with structurally bonded glass are on top on the inside by 16.5 mm. The drainage system of any infiltration water is designed to be out of sight. The sash profiles and the bonding system used allow creating large fixtures. This range of section bars allows the construction of windows and balcony doors with one and two doors with rotating opening or flap door or ribbon window.



The market offers various solutions of wooden windows and doors, very reliable, durable and lightweight, obviously high quality wood should be used in order to achieve quality results that will last longer in time and require less maintenance. A wooden door and window adapts perfectly to any aesthetic and design solution ensuring a good compromise in terms of quality. Thanks to finishes and more resistant paintwork, today wooden fixtures have reached very high standards in terms of quality, they have a low environmental impact and with greater durability than in the past.


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