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A1 Smart

With a sober and contemporary design,
A1 Smart is an articulated arm system,
ideal for balconies and facades, easy to install.

Suitable for covering up to 12,5 m².

Smart articulated arm with great resistance and internal tension system.

System with possibility to install semibox Spiral Smart and Hood V2.


M1 Smart

Perfect system for large spaces and large terraces.

The M1 Smart model has a compact and elegant design, offers great
versatility thanks to the movable and articulated arms with the
possibility of balancing the tension on the canvases.

Great care in the design of all its compinents.

Easy to install.


A1 Premium

Extendible front awning with arms able to cover up to 18 m² specially
designed for windows and that can be applied to ther structures.

Premium articulated arms of great resistance with internal tension system
perfect for keeping the canvas stretched out.

System with possibility to install box Spiral Premium and Hood V2.

Easy to install.


M1 Premium / Plus

System that adapts to multiple spaces,
with integrated supports and a square bar suitable for covering up to 36 m².

Articulated Premium Arms with great resitance and internal tension system.

Multi-arm support (over two arms), with adjustable inclination.

System with possibility to install box Spiral
Premium and Hood V2.

Great care in the design of all its components.

Easy to install.



Awning with a sophisticated and elegant design but at the same time with a
competitive price.

Ideal for its compact and small size suitable to cover up to 12,5 m2.

Smart articulated with great resitance and internal tension system.

Mechanism and canvas protection when the awning is rolled up.

Hiding the mechanical fastening elements.

Easy to install.



The Ares box system has been designed with aerodynamic lines, following the latest decoration trends. It can be adapted to any type of outdoor architecture.

Ares provides a new dimension to the consolidated lines thanks to its measurements and design, as it integrates perfectly in new buildings.

It can cover spaces up to 18 m2, supported by 2 Premium jointed elbow arms, this model provides tension steady and fixes the canvas stably and safety.


Concept box

The Concept Box model has a slim and elegant design box, defined by spherical and refined shapes that blend beauty and harmony in a single system.

This system allows the integration of LED lighting in the arms with a light intensity control, transforming any environment into a unique and special masterpiece.

Articulated arm of the high-resistance Concept Box with internal tension system.
Protection of the mechanism and the cloth when the awning is rolled up.

Perfect protection of fasteners.

Aesthetic care in all its components.

Easy installation.



Square box, elegant line for a minimalist design.

Aland is approved up to Width. 6.00 x Protruding 3.00 meters, exclusively with
CONCEPT arms, with led.

There arms adjustment and alignment takes place frontally.

It is also possible to remove the upper profile of the box without disassemble the awning to intervene on the fabric.



ARKO is a system that combines aesthetics, quality and safety required by the current market.

This system uses the new arm stress technology, that includes a textile strap that allows a stronger joint at the articulation point, as well as a more compact closure of the arm, which reduces the size of the box. The profiles and covers of ARKO box are made in aluminium, thus guaranteeing that the colour is always uniform as well as its weight is lighter than any other box systems.

Moreover, the canvas preservation is guaranteed because the box has an internal PVC skid to protect it from friction.

Placement to the ceiling without additional support.

Ease to install. The fixation of the box is possible in any position of the support wall.
More functional blocking plate.

Compatible with special length wall brackets.

Aluminium covers.

It is possible to install LED lighting in the profile.



KYMA is a solar protection multi-arm system that recreates environments with a distinct personality. Its highlights are the protection and care it provides to the canvas as well as its quiet box.

This multi-arm system can be assembled in a simple two-arm installation as well as up to a six invisible arm installation.

The 7 m profi les can be linked with a joining kit.

Compatible with Premium and Concept arms.

Two different charge profiles options:
Kyma Standard and Kyma Vertiko.



System with big dimension box that combines design, functionality and exclusiveness, and creates unique exterior environments.

This system, which stands out due to its innate beauty, becomes the main focus of any
environment thanks to its maximus dimensions 21 m x 4 m.



Frontal and vertical folding system, with folded arm on the load bar suitable for any type of balcony or ralling.

If fixed in vertical position it allows to obtain the curtain effect.

A timeless classic, ideal for any type of architecture.

Great care in the design of all its components.

Easy to install.



Frontal and vertical folding system, specially designed for windows without balcony.

With a balanced and simple design, the Indico solution is characterized by an internal tension transmission system, which ensures that the fabric reacts adequately even in strong winds.

Great care in design of all its components.

Easy to install.



Box system with frontal and vertical arm folding , specially designed for

Box adaptable for curved arms with tension (I2 e I3) as well as Store S1 arms.

Elegant box that allows the compact closure of the canvas, with refined and rounded lines, for a perfect integration with any architectural style.

Easy to install.



Vertical closure system that provides a perfect sun and wind protection.

Perfect integration in closures and pergole.

Retains the canvas within the guides with an aluminium rod.

Optional LED lighting system along the guides.

Easy integration in any type of enclosure.

120×130 mm square box.



This system with lateral tightness of the fabric in the guide ZIP favors optimal wind resistance.

Motorized operation.

Square aluminum boxes.



Vertical collection system recommended (for exterior) for covering large sized areas.

It has a 115 mm box and it can cover areas of 5 m x 5 m.



Terrace awning which allows enjoing the outdoor and the creation of new spaces well protected from the sun. Setting of various models according to the specific needs of each installation.

It combines a sophisticated and innovative design, becoming a decorative element.

Structural installation for multiple dimensional possibilities.

Possibility of installing a second upper canvas, with a protective function forming at generally insulated chamber.

Great structural stability.

Great care in the design of all its components.

Easy to install.


Clima 120

CLIMA 120 stands out for its strenght thanks to its 120 x 120 mm profiles.

Compatible with the range of systems vertical and panoramic windows Tomei.

Approved for maximum dimensions of width 7.00 m x depth 7.00 m with 2 guides.

Versatility and ease of assembly.

The profiles of the Clima 120 system allow the integration of the Igloo and Nexus vertical awning, aesthetically perfect.

Possibility of using a double fabric door profile reinforced for make the product impermeable to water.

Refined appearance in all its components.

Ease of installation.


Hera portico

Flat awning with box and side guides with tense canvas, for solar protection in glass closures and pergola structures.

With veranda Hera, the space will be comfortable, with appropriate thermal and lighting insulation.

Easy to install and assemble.

Box fixation to wall or on existing structures.

Cog belt traction.

Canvas tension on reel with ZIP.

Possibility to join 2 single modules and double guide option.

Charge profile with water evacuation.

Registrable portal structure profiles to hide connections and screws.

Portico with flat profiles and and / or predisposed for LED.



EOS is an elegant and refined veranda, ideal for all types of locations.

It provides a proper sun protection converting the enclosed spaces into places of comfort.

Easy installation and adaptability to the site.

This high quality, incredibly performing system is slightly tilted by a few degrees, to facilitate water drainage and create welcoming and truly unique environments.

It is possible to apply it to the wall resting on the ZEN structure.



Alluminium structure of great stability for outdoor terraces, gardens and outdoor areas where there is no support surface.

Suitable to cover areas fo up to 6 m x 6 m with only one roller tube.

Premium / Concept articulated arm endowed with great endurance and strength with internal voltage system.

In addition to maximum resistance and durability, thanks to the box that protects the canvas, this solution also offers a built-in LED lighting system in the arms, to create sophisticated and characterful environments.

Easy to install



Made with a large aluminum structure, this system with a particular and refined
design creates exclusive and relaxing environments, with a shading capacity up to 6 m x 6 m.

In places where it is not possible to fix the canopy to the ground it can be immobilized with ballast.

Optional wheels to facilitate movement of the structure.

Its structure is prepared for the installation of LEDs.

Easy to install..

This structure allows to support ARES systems (with Premium arms) and CONCEPT and ALAND systems (with Concept arms) with LED predisposition.