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Automation systems

Among the automation systems proposed by ALUIT, you can find:


Motors for curtains, roller blinds and rolling shutters

Motors for curtains, roller blinds and rolling shutters marketed by Aluit Srl are available in a wide range of models and adapt to all types of curtains, roller blinds, rolling shutters, awnings and roller curtains. The innovative systems for the automation and management of sunscreens are the easiest way to have the right light. Intelligent motors learn parameters autonomously and automatically adjust their sensitivity intelligently adjusting intervention thresholds in the presence of obstacles or impediments.

ALUIT systems Srl automation of home, office, shop or any living or working space is possible, also improving the quality of your life.

With ALUIT automated systems curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds, gates and garages are always under control. All motors in the NICE range are part of the range of motors offered by ALUIT:

  • NEO
  • ERA

To complete the offer, ALUIT also proposes:

  • Mobile Controls
  • Wall controls
  • Climate Sensors

Certainty and comfort to come and go freely from any living or working environment thanks to advanced or remote control systems that allow you to open and close gates and doors, raise and lower curtains, roller blinds.

Motor for curtains and pergole


Automation for gates

In addition to the automation systems for awnings, roller blinds and rolling shutters, ALUIT proposes innovative solutions to automate swing gates, sliding gates, garage and industrial doors. With a simple gesture you can move your home: systems for swing gates, sliding gates, garage and industrial doors and ALUIT flag-raising systems are highly technological and designed to improve the quality of life by simplifying everyday movements.  

The automation range for swing gates includes:

Swing gates systems:

  • Toona – ToonaKit
  • Hike – HykeKit
  • Pop – PopKit
  • WingoKit
  • X-Metro – X-MetroKit
  • Hyppo Metroplex

Sliding gates systems:

  • Robus – Robuskit
  • Road – RoadKit
  • Run
  • Tub

Barrier-raising Systems:

  • Wil
  • X-Bar
  • Signo

Garage and industrial doors systems: Spinbus – SpinbusKit

  • SpinKit
  • Ten – TenKit